HopeSide Pillars - Women's Ministries

Director – Premila Pedapudi | fb.com/hopesidepillars

Women's Bible Study is every Saturday at 3pm EST by ZOOM only.  ID: 885 0487 2744, Passcode: 480938

HopeSide Pillars - Women's Ministries Re-launched, Sat. Dec. 1, 2018 (Pillars Blank Flyer Ver2) PDF

2021 Programming Schedule

Sat. June 19, 2021, 11 am - Women's Ministries Emphasis Day (ZOOM Online Service)
Sermon Title: "Come, See the Savior of the World", Speaker: Ana Lopez  (PDF)

Click here> Sabbath School  |  Divine Service

Sat. March 6, 2021, 11 am - Women's Ministries' International Day of Prayer (Online Service)
Sermon Title: "HANNAH - Virtuous Living in a Non-Virtuous World", Special Speaker: Mrs. Geri Mueller  (PDF)
(Rescheduled from March 21, 2020)

Sabbath School | Divine Service


2020 Programming Schedule

Sat. March 21, 2020 - International Day of Women's Prayer
"Virtuous Living" - March 21, 2020.  Women's Ministries Special Speaker: Mrs. Geri Mueller (Cancelled)

Sat. August 22, 2020. 11am - EndItNow Special
Speaker: Mrs.. Premila Pedapudi, Director, HopeSide Pillars-Women's Ministries


2019 Programming Schedule

Watch > Dec. 1, 2018  March 9, 2019

Watch > March 9, (2nd Sabbath) | Prayer Focus
International Women's Day of Prayer (originally scheduled for March 2)  PDF

Watch > June 1, 2019 (1st Sabbath)

"The Call to Arise and Shine" (PDF)
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

August 24 (4th Sabbath) Video
EndItNow Emphasis Day Feat. Speaker is Miss Paige Engle | PDF

HopeSide Pillars Women's Retreat, Oct. 4-5, 2019, Ocean City



Women for service to church and community

 Encourage women…in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ

 Equip women to grow…in relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study and discipleship.

 Empower women...to use their spiritual gifts to serve and reach others for Christ.


1. Bring glory and honor to God.

2. Encourage women in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Provide an atmosphere for women to develop lasting relationships and their spiritual gifts.    

4. Offer opportunities to grow more in love with God, His Word and each other and to

     demonstrate that love by our example.

5. Touch the lives of women through Bible Study, worship, prayer, fellowship,

     discipleship and love for one another. 

6. Encourage spiritual growth and service.

7. To empower spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of women.


 The purpose of Women's Ministries is to:

 know God personally

grow in Christlikeness

discover and use spiritual gifts

 love and serve others

and in all we do to reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ

Bible Ref: Abiding Woman